Joe winkelman at Work

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For me, the art of printmaking offers a form of expression, which is impossible to obtain in any other medium. Also it is the democratic art form, where multiple original impressions can be pulled from matrices making an edition of prints available to a wide audience, and at a reasonable cost.

I'm fascinated by this old technology of rending metal and wood, then printing it on heavy presses of steel to produce delicate imagery with ink on paper. It's a consuming activity whose power of visual communication has no parallel.

Over many years, by trial and error, I have developed my skills with intaglio and relief printing. Together with my love of landscape I use the qualities of the media to convey the essence of those beautiful moments prompted by experience in landscape, under unusual light and weather conditions.
I never create any two images in quite the same way. Sometimes I'm inspired by a chance situation; at other times I purposefully search for subject matter. When imagination inspires an idea I immediately make sketches and notes before making a matrix. On some occasions a camera is used to record details, or I may return to a place to draw if certain information is lacking.

The Great Lawn Etching
61 x 40 cm & 24 x 15 3/4"